Hello world!

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to my blog CraftyOrganisedMe. I often find I have a lot to say and thought blogging about all things random, nursing, being a mum, scrapbooking and all the other things that make me, me might be fun. Plus I love to take photos, share them on Instagram, so a blog is another good way to share. I have also been following the FatMumSlim #fmsphotoaday daily photo challenge so I will also share that from time to time. The featured below is one of my favourite, the prompt for the day was ‘I Stood Here’. I was lacking inspiration at home so I took Little Miss to the beach for a run around and that’s what I came up with.


#fmsphotoaday April 4th

I will be returning to the workforce in a few days time. I have spent just over a year at home while I had my son so my maternity leave is officially over. I have mixed feelings about returning to work but I generally feel good about the change. Child care is sorted for Little Miss and Mr Happy and they have both settled in well so I know they will both be in good hands. They will go to the same place sometimes and then will have time away from each other which I feel will be really good. Over the past few months I have realised that being at stay-at-home is not for me. Don’t get me wrong I have loved my time at home but I love nursing and I miss using my brain and the adult interaction. Being at home has been great, watching my children achieve new skills and watching them develop and seeing their personalities coming out is great. Working a couple of days a week will definitely provide me with that work/home balance, plus extra income is always handy.

Well that’s me for now, I’ll let you know how work goes,
Thanks for reading.

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