Almost Ready!

Eek I’m really thinking about letting people know I have started a blog, scared? Hell, yes!

I was feeling like giving it all up the other week, but I thought sod it. Even if people don’t read it or like it, I’m still going to do it. I’ve been seeking advice from another blogger Twodaysgirl who has been giving me some pointers and loads of support, thank you! I still have lots to learn about blogging, so if you are reading this, bear with me while I find my way.

I have told a couple of friends that I’m working on a blog and my husband is supportive of it but at the end of the day I’m doing it for me and no one else.

I see quite a few things on Facebook that friends like to share and discuss and I often think, is this really appropriate for Facebook? My purpose of having a Facebook account is to keep in touch with friends and family, especially those people I don’t get to see or speak to often. I like to share photos of myself and my children, and of course things I am a part of and proud of. I don’t really see Facebook as a forum to have big debates, if people want to do that, that’s fine, their choice. My choice to have my ramble on my blog.

I have quite a few things coming up over the next month, my birthday, and then the lead up to Alex’s birthday on 3rd June. This year is 4 years since we lost our first born, our first son. May 30th is also a very poignant day to me as that was the day we were told our baby didn’t have a heartbeat……….

We are then lucky enough to celebrate our daughter, Little Miss’s birthday on June the 7th. This year she will be 3. We’re throwing her a party with some of her friends. I’m planning to do a princess castle cake so hopefully it’ll work out and most importantly taste good!


Fun at the park


Fun at the park


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