Things I should do more.

I saw this article pop up on Facebook news feed the other day, via The Sleep Store New Zealand. It was titled 4 Steps to Shake a Bad Mood. I was intrigued. I’m sure most people can relate to having a bad mood, bad day or bad week and anything that might help shift that bad mood is most welcomed. The full article can be found on

  • Go Outside- Well this seems pretty straight forward to me, I have to go outside to hang out the washing, get in the car, feed the guinea pig……                                                                                                                         The article discusses taking a 5 minute walk a round the block, taking deep breathes of fresh air, whatever the weather. This seems pretty easy to me, but often not achievable. I find if I’m leaving the house it is usually to get in the car to go somewhere. I probably should are more use of my street and the area which we live. Geez, I sound pretty lazy don’t I? I don’t think I am. When I’m having one of those (bad) days getting out, even for 5 minutes is hard work, surely I’m not the only one who thinks this? When I do get out I definitely do feel better and I’m glad I did it, but it is hard to remember that feeling when you are just wanting to hide away from the world.

  • Listen to uplifting music- I do try this one, but of course it doesn’t always happen. Especially when I put the music channel on at home, I usually hear “I want my programmes on Mummy”, damn it! I want to listen to my music. The car is definitely the place where I do listen to my music, only very occasionally when I’m desperate I put child themed songs on. I like to listen to recent bands but also songs that take me back to my ‘indie/rock club days’.

  • Make a gratitude list- I actually don’t do this but I probably should do from time to time. The article suggests to, make a list of 10 things you are grateful for right now, list events that have brought you joy and list the people who support you. I’m a list person, I write a list for most things and even have a notebook where I keep all my lists. (Including ideas for blog posts). The list probably won’t even take Thame long and I think it should be relatively easy to do when you have a serious case of cabin fever.
  • Call a Friend- This was the last step, and this was something I used to find really easy to do, back in my teen years before mobile phones. I didn’t have my first mobile until I was 18! Haha. Anyway, I used to talk on the phone for hours at a time in my teen years, much to my parents annoyance at times. I now use my mobile to text, private message on Facebook or email a friend to keep in touch. I think they are all great forms of communication. You can let someone know straight away you are thinking of them or tell them something you know they will appreciate, and even include a photo or a happy face. The article stated that although Facebook and texts are easy and convenient, they lack human connection. I agree with this, but I think you can put thought into a message and still give it a personal touch. Plus the advantages is if someone is busy, they can reply to your message when they are ready.

Do you have anything that do when you are in a bad mood, having a bad day or week that you would like to share? I’d love to hear from you.

One thought on “Things I should do more.

  1. twodaysgirl says:

    A walk + music usually does the trick for me! Sometimes it helps to imagine myself throwing away whatever is bothering me – pick it up, let it go!

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