Little Miss turns 3.

We have had a busy weekend, celebrating our daughters 3rd birthday. 3 how the hell can she be 3?! I still remember bringing her home from hospital like it was last month, it’s crazy how quickly time flies.

We had a birthday party for her on Saturday at our local Parents Centre. We don’t have a big home, plus you don’t have to clean and tidy your home before the guests come! The parents centre was perfect, it has a safe kid friendly garden for the kids to play in, table and chairs that are kid sized and more toys than a toy shop! Little Miss enjoyed running around with her friends and the kids and parents were came all seemed to enjoy themselves.  All in all the party was a hit.

I think I may of mentioned in a previous blog post I planned to make her a princess castle cake. My hubby is always willing to help and most of the decorating is done by him. We had lots of lovely comments about the cake and we were really pleased with how it turned out, plus Little Miss was loved it. She seemed to get rather overwhelmed when we sang Happy Birthday and because I was right bedside her, she looked at me the whole time the song was sang with a shy look on her face. When the singing was finished and before she blew out her candles she said to me, ‘I want a hug’. So we had a hug and then she blew out her candles. Such a cute and beautiful moment, I hope I never forget it.


Little Miss was super spoilt for her birthday, a huge thank you to everyone for her gifts. I remember my birthdays as a kid and loved every single one and I hope my kids will have those special memories.

I wasn’t working so we went to the park and fed the ducks this morning and this afternoon I got to witness Little Miss riding her bike, all by herself! So cool! She has the stabilisers on, or training wheels as people in NZ like to call them. Peppa Pig calls them stabilisers so I’m sure Little Miss will too! It was great watching her get the hang of the pedals and becoming more confident, a proud Mum moment.   

3 thoughts on “Little Miss turns 3.

  1. twodaysgirl says:

    What a cake!!!??? Sounds like she’s such a sweetie 🙂 It goes way to quick eh? It’s craziness. Then when you’re pregnant.. It takes F O R E V E R.

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