Love to colour

 Who doesn’t love to colour? I used to love to colour when I was a kid, a new colouring book and some felt tips were always a great present and I know my 3 year old Little Miss enjoys colouring. She was lucky enough to aquire some new books and pens for her recent birthday. Even now I’m an adult I enjoy sitting with Little Miss and doing some colouring with her. I always find it a good chance to connect with her at her level and have a catch up, as well as teach her colours and shapes. 


Recently I have seen quite a bit of information about adult colouring books on social media and I also found a couple of articles which I found of interest. There is evidence that colouring can alleviate stress in adults and also depression. Having depression myself I found it interesting and intriguing. “Colouring can calm the mind and occupies the hands, giving the individual something to do as well as alleviating any negative thoughts”. I also thought it was fascinating that individuals who enjoy creative activities are able to deal with stress better. I love to craft, but of course being Mum to two little ones, working part-time and home-life responsibilities, I don’t always have the opportunity to escape and indulge in craft time. My scrapbooking is something I can really enjoy when I have time to myself. I have actually ordered myself a colouring book, Anti-Stress Colouring: doodle & dream by Christina Rose. I’m looking to doing some of my own colouring, I looked at the sample pages online and they look great. I hope the colouring is something I can do whilst I’m at home, for me and maybe at times alongside Little Miss when she feels like colouring.

When I searched for adult colouring books, a great article by the New Zealand Herald came up from April 2015. Adult colouring books are currently the top selling books on Amazon and in the UK 5 different adult colouring books are In the top 10 books. Johanna Basford’s adult colouring books, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest are hugely popular and are good at easing stress and ‘calming one’s inner child’. A quote from the NZ Herald I thought was engaging is “colouring is all about regaining mindfulness and getting a digital detox”. I’m aware that Mindfulness is a therapy used in the treatment of depression, but I’ll save the discussion about that for a blog post another time.

  Whilst looking for photos for this blog post, (usually I find everything on Pinterest, another love of mine)! I searched adult colouring books and loads of pins of black/white pages appeared. All printable, ready to be coloured in. There were also some great quotable colouring pages, which would be ideal for adults or kids to colour and could be used to decorate bedrooms, playrooms or for my teacher friends, classrooms.


Love this one, this was one of the many downloadable prints I found on Pinterest. Are any of you keen to get yourself a colouring book?


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