Friends, we all have them, we all need them, right? I’m lucky enough to have friends here in NZ as well as my other home England, plus I have a few dotted throughout the world. I like to think I’m a good friend, actually maybe a great friend?! Correct me if I’m wrong.

Who loves/loved Friends?  I know I did and still do. I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and remember my favourite episodes. I thought about a top 3, but that was too hard to narrow them down so I went with my top 5.

The One with the Prom Video  Season 2 episode 14. Who remembers this one, back in 1996 (yes, that long ago!). It was the episode we had all waited for, Rachel and Ross finally got together! And who could forget the classic line from Phoebe, ‘see, he’s her lobster!’. Even watching the episode now, I still laugh at the old school prom video.

The One with the resolutions Season 5 episode 11. This was the episode where all the friends made New Year resolutions, and they didn’t really work out for them did it? I chose this as one of my favourite episodes as I LOVE the scene with Ross in his date’s bathroom with those leather pants. Hahaha. I’m sitting smiling to myself as I think about those ‘paste pants’. Its just funny when Joey tells Ross to put some powder on his legs and then the lotion. Ross when he says “And the lotion and the powder have made some kind of paste”  Hahaha. In this episode Rachel also discovered about Chandler and Monica’s affair and Phoebe attempted to teach Joey how to play the guitar. Myself and I one of my good friends still laugh about ‘old lady’,  which is ‘apparently’ one of the chords.


The One where Ross got high Season 6 episode 9. I COULD not leave this episode off my list, how could we forget Rachel’s trifle?! Which was actually half a Shepard’s pie! And tasted like feet! Monica and Ross’s parents discovered the Chandler and Monica were in a relationship and living together and that Ross and Rachel had got married in Las Vegas and were now divorced. I don’t think we can ever forget everyone’s reaction to Rachel’s ‘trifle’.

The One in Massapequa Season 8 episode 18. Alec Baldwin guest stared in this episode and played Phoebe’s date Parker for Gellers 35th wedding anniversary. All the friends thought Parker was a little over excited about everything, perhaps he was? I don’t have an opinion he just made me laugh. Rachel and Ross had to ‘pretend’ they were married and Monica gave a speech that was cringe worthy.

The One with the late Thanksgiving Season 10 episode 8. Out of all of the Thanksgiving episodes, this one is definitely my favourite, yes it evens beats the trifle/Shepard’s pie. Poor Monica was forced into making Thanksgiving dinner and all the Friends were late. Seeing the Friends discussing their excuses for being late was amusing but the scene where they are ‘floating heads’ makes me chuckle. Eventually when the friends are allowed in the apartment, Joey ‘wears‘ the dinner. Oh a happy note, this is the episode when Monica and Chanlder receive the news that they have been chosen to adopt a baby.

So Friends has to be one of my favourite shows of all time. I own the DVDs and I’ve watched many reruns on TV and I never get sick of watching it. This sounds cliched but I definitely feel like I grew up with Friends. I first started watching it in 1996 when I was 15 and when it finished airing in 2004 I was 23 and had emigrated to New Zealand. This show saw me through the good times and the bad, much like all the beautiful people I now call my friends.

NB: I wrote this blog post before I attended the Sands conference in Wellington 19-21st June 2015. I want to still write about things that make me laugh, smile and are part of me. Topics that are generally lighthearted. Other times I do like and will write about things that can be seen as deeper and much more emotional. Thank you for reading my blog.


Dressed to impress Sands conference dinner

3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. twodaysgirl says:

    Love it! Funniest TV show of the the 90’s. I e got the box set too.. Watched it at leeeeast 10x over!! Christmas Armadillo.. 😭😂 Handsdown fave!

    Liked by 1 person

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