My week 

Most people who know me will know that I attended the Sands Conference in Wellington last weekend, 19-21st June. This post is not about my time at the conference, I’m more than happy to share my experience but I’m not actually ready to write about it. I have shared some of my weekend with my hubby (obviously), my parents and a couple of friends who have asked. I have not seen some people whom I know would like to hear all about it. I will share some thoughts and stories from the conference at some stage via this blog, but right now I’m actually still reflecting on everything.

I got home on the Sunday afternoon and Little Miss was not well at all, spiking temperatures for several days, the poor girl looked dreadful. Off to the out-of-hours we went. We returned several hours later with antibiotics and a slightly happier girl, and Mum. You would think after 3 years I would be prepared for taking a child to the Drs, but this day I was not. As soon as we got there, “Mummy, I need a drink”. Crap, her drink bottle is at home! Luckily, the kind receptionist saved the day. Shortly after, “Mummy, I need to do wees”, ok toilet stop, all good. Not long after this we were told we could be waiting another hour and a half! Not cool! I was informed we could go home, (since we don’t live far) and they would ring us closer to the time the Doctor could see us. Off home we went. Change of nappy, check, drink bottle in bag, check. I received a phone call an hour later and off we went, again! We were in the waiting room, and Little Miss was amusing herself when I looked at her and I just knew what she was doing………… “Mummy, I’ve done poos in my nappy”, ahhhhhhhh! I’VE JUST CHANGED HER NAPPY AT HOME! I honestly thought we would be all good for our short visit to the Doctor. Let’s just say, I dealt with it, saw the Doctor and off home we went.

Phew! I wasn’t expecting to share that story, it’s quite comical when I think back. Little Miss is doing much better now. Although she has shared her illness with Mr Happy (who hasn’t been so happy, at times) and the hubby. We have had a lot of wakeful nights this week, coughing fits, fetching drinks, bed swapping, dealing with temperatures, wiping noses……… I have also had a study day for work and worked today. My wake-up call this morning was 420am, on the ward at 7am, one of patients passed away at 750am, unwell patient in the other room…….. But I survived! I even had a really good chat with one of the Hospice nurses. I discussed some papers I could study at some stage. I’ve been feeling rather unsettled in Nursing lately, so I think today was actually good for me. I have thought about studying again for a little while, but still undecided. I’m unsure as to whether this feeling will pass. Maybe those thoughts are for another day.

I really hope I’m not moaning on here, I like to call it reflection. Being able to rant and ramble is one of the reasons I started this blog and I do find it extremely therapeutic. This past week has been full-on and I think since I’m a little tired and still unwinding from my emotionally charged weekend, I just felt like sharing.

I hope you have all had a great week. Thanks for reading this.

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