Craftygirls Photo a Day Challenge

My lovely blogger friend Bec at twodaysgirl asked me if I wanted to collaborate and do a photo a day challenge. As some of you may know, I rather enjoy a daily photo challenge so I thought this was a great idea. We each thought of half the prompts and then twodaysgirl made the design up using a photo I took.

When I was looking through my camera roll for a photo I realised how I don’t actually have many or any of landscapes or something pretty, it mainly the kids. I do love taking photos of the kids and it’s so handy having a phone that takes good photos. I’m definitely going to make a conscious effort when I’m out and about to try and capture some more photos of landscape, nature and generally anything I consider to be cool.

We also needed a name. I was thinking a combination of both our names would be good, Craftygirls came to my mind straight away. I quickly checked with Bec at twodaysgirl and she was happy with it. I thought it was funny how quickly I thought of the name considering it took me ages to think of craftyorganisedme. We’re planning to do the photo challenge each month. It would be great to see some of my family and friends trying it out. I know taking photos isn’t for everyone and people are generally busy with work and family but don’t worry if you miss a day, you can always play catch up or just skip the day altogether! If you have an Instagram  account, use #craftygirlschallenge.

I can’t wait to see how people interpret each prompt, let the imagination run wild and roll on tomorrow 1st July! And didn’t Bec do a great job with the design on the prompts?! Bec is one cool lady! Check out her blog (if you haven’t already!) twodaysgirl


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