Book review ‘The Best of Me’

I thought I would try my hand at a book review. I recently finished ‘The Best of Me’ by Nicholas Sparks. In case you haven’t heard of this chap, he wrote the ‘The Notebook’. I don’t often do much reading during the day but I do enjoy reading a chapter or 2 before going to sleep. I’ve read a few books by this author, The Notebook, The Guardian and Safe Haven and I’ve never been disappointed.

I find his books really easy to read, and doesn’t take long to you feel you know the characters. I often find at the end of a busy day with the kids or working, reading helps me to unwind. And the break from either the phone or TV screen! His books are what I consider ‘light reading’ so it doesn’t take me long to get into a book and since I usually only read a some amount at a time I find his books fit the criteria.

Here’s a little blurb about the book. Dawson Cole and Amanda Collier are the 2 main central characters. They were the typical high school sweethearts who had to part……. Dawson spends a brief time in jail and works on oil rigs and Amanda moves away, marries and has children. 25,years later they are brought back together in their home town, for the funeral of Tuck. A man who was there for them at times they needed it the most. Tuck has left instructions that Dawson and Amanda must carry out for him, and by doing this learn some things about themselves. Can they be together now they have found each other again? This is a love story, I’m not to say it isn’t. But I don’t think it’s too soppy, it has some other characters intertwining into the story. I don’t want to say too much as I don’t want to spoil the book for you in case you do choose to read it.

I think if you have read any other books by this author or seen any of the many film adaptations of his books, this is another one you will enjoy.

Next I want to see the film version of this book, Dawson is played by James Marsters and Amanda by Michelle Monaghan. It came out in 2014, I don’t actually remember it coming out at the cinema, but I will be definitely watching it on DVD.

Next on my Nicholas Sparks list is ‘The Longest Ride’.  


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