3 going on 13

“Go away Mummy, I don’t want to talk to you.” I have had this said to me a few times recently. It is usually after I have asked Little Miss not to do something or explain, (for what feels like for the 100th time) why she shouldn’t jump off the couch. Little Miss will then repeat phrase until she gets a response from me. I try my hardest to ignore it but inside it hurts. Does she really mean this? The rational part of my brain is saying of course she doesn’t, she is only 3 and she is just frustrated but the emotional side of my brain says maybe she does mean this, is my 3 year old almost 13?!

I can’t believe it my beautiful girl, has turned into a threenager! I didn’t see it coming and I didn’t even know the word exsisted, but it does. So I googled it, (since everything is googled these days) and there was so much to look at! Looked on Pinterest, surely there won’t be anything on there about a threeanger (I thought to myself!), but there was! Lots of quotes, like this one.IMG_0454

When I went searching on the internet it made me realise a lot of her recent behaviour could be due to her turning 3. Take the fussiness with food for example, trying to get her to try anything new is painful, her list of don’t likes is longer than her likes. I keep reminding myself it’s just a phase, she’ll eat when she’s hungry. I still offer the things she claims she doesn’t like, I figure if I don’t I’m letting her win? I’m aware to help her through this stage of her life it is important she is given independence but when it comes to food I still need to offer her fruit and vegetables. I like to give her a bit of choice in food decisions, what would she like on her toast? Which plate would she like her lunch on?

I found an interesting article on Kidspot about threenagers. A three year old believes that they are the centre of the universe and will assert their independence any way they know how. If that doesn’t happen cue a tantrum! Plus a display of attitude, much like what I have recently heard…….

  • As much as we can stay calm (ha!) as these little people know which button to push.
  • We should pick our battles, do we really care if they complain they are hungry? and then when we give them food they declare I’m not hungry anymore Mummy! Ahhhhhhhh!
  • Be realistic they will get tired and cranky, (I know I do!) my Little Miss doesn’t often have a daytime sleep these days, but I do insist after lunch when Mr Happy has his nap, she should have some quiet time. Which she does as I know I need a break myself at this time of day.
  • Try to maintain our sense of humour, after all it is pretty funny when I have witnessed pants being put on her head. After all isn’t laughter the best medicine?

Now I have a three year old in my house it is actually pretty cool. I can have a converstation with her, do ‘crafty’ things and I know there is lots to look forward too before her next birthday. I came across 3 things to love about a 3 year old it definitely will come in handy when it’s one of those days…….

These are the things I remember most about this age

  • Watching her imagination grow is great, I enjoy her purple spaghetti that she makes in her kitchen for me
  • Her enthusiasm can be infectious as times. She gets so excited about joining me on a trip to the supermarket and helping with little jobs around the house.
  • The development of her empathy and sense of humour  is lovely. We have been told by carers at her daycare that she is a caring girl and loves to laugh. (Proud Mum moment)
  • Her love and affection for her younger brother Mr Happy. She’s really beginning to enjoy playing with him, showing him how to do things and singing the ABC song over and over again. Plus he is lucky, she even shares her toast with him.
  • But most importantly I can now share with her the story of Alex her big brother that isn’t here. She associates him with the stars in the sky and each night she looks for a star and waves to him. It is really special for me to see her beginning to grasp the concept of having a brother who isn’t here. I have told her more, but the age she is she’s not yet able to fully understand.  I think I will need to continue this in another blog another time.

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