10 things you didn’t know about me

Did you know Hanmer Springs is one of my favourite holiday destinations and I would love to go to New York and were you aware I’m scared of heights? These things are included in 10 things you didn’t know about me.

I was nominated by the lovely Natalie @ Confessions of a Crummy Mummy to take part in this challenge. To me it is pretty exciting to be tagged in a bloggers challenge, so thank you! I was so pleased when I saw my name, as I’m quite new to the blogging world it’s great to be able to join in with something.10-things-you-didnt-know

These are questions I answered given to me by Natalie.

Fry up or cereal?

I think I would have to say cereal. A fry up is good for a treat, fried eggs, bacon, mushrooms, mmmmmm. But I do actually enjoy my bowl of cereal and a cup of tea in the mornings. Using Weetbix is my cereal of choice.

Have you met anyone famous?

Sadly, no. Although I’d really like too. Anyone famous reading this?! Yeah probably not….. but if you are I would love to meet you! Hehe

If you had an hour to produce a signature bake, what would it be?

Mmmm I’m not very creative in the kitchen, I tend to stick to recipes. I would definitely choose something by Chelsea Winter though. Her triple chocolate brownie in her first book ‘At My Table’ is one of my favourites. It’s not my signature bake but its one I love. I actually love all of her recipes, she rocks!

When did you start your blog and why?

I started my blog in April this year. I had thought about starting one but had always dismissed the idea. I then thought to myself, “I’ll just do it, even if no one reads it, I’ll do it for me“. I absolute love blogging, it’s something that is just for me. I’ve made connections with great people through my blog and I find writing to be very therapeutic.

What’s the best thing you’ve been asked to review or try out as a blogger?

I haven’t been asked to review anything yet, but I’m keen to try it sometime. I have written a couple of reviews on books I have enjoyed reading.

Have you ever turned down a review or experience?

Well since I haven’t had the opportunity to review anything yet, I’m not sure if I would turn anything down. Although if it involved anything to do with heights I would probably decline. I have turned into such a wimp since I have gotten older. I was always a fan of rollercoasters as a kid, teenager and early 20’s but now I will run the other way. I always think I’m going to fall out of the carriage and plummet to my death! Yes, I know a bit overdramatic but that’s me, worrying about something that won’t happen!

Is there one blogger you particularly admire, and why?

This is a tricky one. Since I started my blogging I have found quite a few blogs to follow that I enjoy reading and found myself looking forward to them posting a new blog post. I admire the bloggers who are honest and are not ashamed to share their life, the good and the bad stuff. Bec @ twodaysgirl was great at helping me get started on my blog journey, I randomly messaged her for help one day and we have been firm friends ever since. The blogs I really enjoy are the 10 I have selected to nominate to continue this challenge.

Where do you see your blog in five years time?

I hope I’m still blogging in five years time, I don’t see why I wouldn’t be? I would like to think I would of gained a few more followers and found some more blogs to follow myself. I would also like to have done a couple of reviews in that time. Hopefully the hubby, the kids and I will have moved to a bigger house. And as Little Miss grows it would be good to let her share some of her life via my blog.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Somewhere I have visited that I loved was Hanmer Springs in the South Island, in New Zealand. My husband and I spent a weekend there just after we were married. Loved it and definitely would love to go again. We went at the end of November 2010 when it was lovely spring/summer weather. This was before we had children, so we would of course have to go kid free again. I really, really want to visit New York. I had hoped to get there before I was 30, but my thirtieth year has been and gone and I haven’t got there yet. I have hinted to my hubby several times I would love to go for my fortieth, so fingers crossed! I have always wanted to go ever since I fell in love with TV shows like Friends and Sex and the City. Plus, the shopping, the shows, the food and the sights……..

You couldn’t get through the weekend without…….?

At the weekend it is fab to have the hubby home, sharing the load. Especially if its been a full on week. Also pretty much every weekend I skype my parents in England (Nana Lynn & Grandpa to the kids). I often feel by talking to my parents, telling them about our week and what we have planned for the coming week. This solidifies that one week has past, its a time I can recharge. Often after chatting with my parents I usually feel ready for the week ahead.

Now I have answered the 10 questions assigned to me, the rules state I have to write 10 of my own questions and tag 10 bloggers to do the same. Plus, link back to the blogger who nominated you, and add the badge to your post (I saved mine from Confessions of a Crummy Mummy’s post, you can do the same by coping mine). I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers.

There are some bloggers I have nominated that I follow, to me these are all blogs worth reading. Here are my questions:

  • How did you come up with the name of your blog?
  • What would be your dream holiday?
  • Savoury dish or sweet treat?
  • Do you have brothers/sisters?
  • Your top five blog posts you have written?
  • Favourite toy from your childhood?
  • Recommend three blogs I should follow?
  • Coffee or Tea?
  • You have a whole day to yourself, what do you do?
  • Any blogging tips/advice?
And the bloggers I nominate are
Raw Mom (sorry I don’t know your name)
At Real Life (sorry I don’t know your name)
craftyorganisedme sig

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