Love, Empowerment and Strength through Loss – Part 1 (3 part series)

This is my story of birthing Alex, my Stillborn first baby and birthing my two subsequent children.

I also share the what happened on the day we discovered he had died and the events leading up to his birth.

Part Two and Part Three to follow

Source: Love, Empowerment and Strength through Loss – Part 1 (3 part series)

2 thoughts on “Love, Empowerment and Strength through Loss – Part 1 (3 part series)

  1. Lee Jenkins says:

    Hello Stacey,
    Although this happened 25 years ago my story reflects your own in many ways. My son Alex was also still born at the same stage as your Alex. Like you it was during a scan that I was told ‘there is no heart beat”. We subsequently had a healthy daughter and son.
    It was only some time later that I felt able to ask for photos of Alex but they had been cleared out in an office update. Although there was the opportunity I never held Alex. I was still trying to recover from the shock and the birth, and even though it’s very silly, I still felt like a new Mum and didn’t feel that I could hold Alex safely.
    I am so grateful to have my wonderful healthy children but a part of my world is always missing without Alex. It seems to be something that others feel is an experience that should be consigned to the past. It meant a great deal to me to read your story. Thank you so much for sharing it.
    It’s very special to know that there is another Mother of Alex out there, kia kaha, Lee

    p.s. My placenta died off due to my undiagnosed Coeliac Disease.


    • Hi Lee,

      Thanks for getting in touch, I’m so sorry to hear you also experienced a loss and his name was Alex.
      Hugs to you. I would love to hear from you again. If you would like to talk again please like my Facebook page and message me via that.



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