Review for Munch

Have you heard of Munch? Yes? No?……….

Whether you have or haven’t read on for a review of the Munch Eco hero sippy cup.


Munch Eco Hero sippy cup

Firstly, a little bit of info about Munch…….

Anna Bordignon who is the Director and Founder of Munch, published the International award winning cookbook Munch Cookbook for Baby and Families The recipes have been named after a popular pre school book (which I think is pretty cool). The recipes in the book are seasonal and designed for families and each one features a portion of the recipe which is suitable for the baby in the family.

Munch is now a go to site for parents to find information, for their children, in regards to food. Munch is for parents, by parents, as some of the work done by Mums who work from home. You can also purchase some fantastic products to assist during the time of ‘mayhem’ which is also known as, feeding our little delights. There is also an online magazine which is worth a browse.

I am so glad I discovered this website, it has some great things, lunchboxes, feeding utensils, toys and recipes. I’ve yet to try any of the recipes yet but I fully intend too.

So on to the review:

I received the Munch Eco hero baby cup to review and instantly I was impressed with the packaging. It is reasonably lightweight and my 18 month old took to drinking from it with great ease. When I first placed the cup in front of him, he simply looked at it, picked it up by the handle and started drinking.

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The cup and other Munch products are eco friendly and biodegradable, and it is made from natural rice but functions like plastic. The colourful and cute packaging is also made from recycled and recyclable materials.

I have found the cup is practical and appealing for children, with the red soft silicone spout, is good for transition from bottles to a sippy cup as it promotes natural drinking habit and healthy oral development and is leak resistant. This is a big plus for me, my Son has decided several times to throw it onto the carpeted floor. The lid stayed on, so no puddles on the carpet!

At first I was worried the lid wouldn’t stay on as it doesn’t ‘clip’ on, but it does fit rather snuggly into the cup. No fighting to get the lid off. I have had many struggles trying to get a lid off a sippy cup and covered myself in water in the process. And it will be great for transitioning from a sippy cup to a cup.

12242171_10156230213360721_219814503_n 12233138_10156230213470721_1995981471_n 12212082_10156230213325721_1419461405_n

It washes well, and is suitable for the dishwasher or you can wash it by hand if you prefer. I have done both, just depends what you prefer.

I would be hesitant to put this cup in his bag or a nappy bag. I would worry the lid would come off and we would have a wet mess. I’ll use it for home or taking away as an extra cup. Although I could always add water to it when we are out and about.

I would definitely recommend this product. If you want to get one of the Eco Hero sippy cup they retail $19.99.

If you fancy 20% discount to use in the Munch Cupboard Store (win, win! and to perhaps buy your own Eco Hero sippy cup). Check out Munch Food Awards 2015 this is the third year the awards are taking place. It gives you as parents the opportunity to vote for the products you believe in and the products you don’t like. By voting you can really have your say about the things your children eat and that are available. Voting is open until the 30th November and the results will be published on December 7th.

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