Introducing ‘Classic Cool’

A few weeks ago I received a comment from Monique at Classic Cool. She told me she had found my blog via Instagram and enjoyed reading it. And wondered if I wanted to review her business. OF COURSE!!! Wow, the day I received the comment made my day, my week, my month even! I felt it was a real privilege to be asked by someone I don’t even know to write about their business, something they are proud of and love, all because they found my blog and liked it.

I got in touch with Monique and thanked her for reading my blog and I would be honored to do a review of Classic Cool.

I asked her a few questions via email. The italic writing is all of Moniques own words.

Tell me a little bit about yourself

So my full name is Monique Wintle. I live in Red Beach, Auckland with my husband and two girls. 3 and 1.5years.

How long have you been making Classic Cool products?

I’ve been doing Classic Cool coming up 2 years now, I think! I started with the hightops which is still the most popular product!!  (Classic Cool began in December 2013 when Monique was pregnant with her second daughter.)

What made you start Classic Cool?

I made them (the hightops) for my daughter when I was pregnant with her. A friend from our coffee group saw them on my table and asked me if I sold them! I was like er…no but I could. She’s like do it! You’d totally sell these! And thats how Classic Cool started. I wanted a name that described what work I wanted to do and have now done. Classic for the classic style of crochet but cool for the fashion styles of today.

The hightops are made to order, and in any colour you wish (providing that colour of wool is available). They are $20 a pair and come gift wrapped in their box.

Suitable for ages 0-3 months (Approx 9cm sole)     3-6 months (Approx 10cm sole)


Made to order Hightops, so cute!


Do you have a favourite item?

I think my favourite item is still the mermaid tails. I’m working on an adult one at the moment and its making me rather envious! I want to keep it for myself! haha I have so many projects that i want to do though….just not enough time to do it in!


Monique’s niece modelling the mermaid tail.


Very cool shark tails

Where do you see Classic Cool this time next year?

This time next year i hope to have doubled my likes – get my name out there more. I have an Etsy store, I’ve done a few international orders to France, South Africa, America and Australia. I know my work has also been sent to the UK. So more international work would be amazing! But I love to create cute stuff that is also functional. Warm in the winter, stylish in the summer. I want to expand to doing Photography props – I have a deal with Veronica-Jean photography at the moment where you get a photoshoot with her with a blanket from Classic Cool and you get to keep the blanket afterwards. Show how small your bubba once was and a blanket they can grow up with over the years 🙂

I hope to do more collaborations too. Eventually I’ll have some more time once my girls are older and at school. I have seen some amazing crocheted flowers too which is in the pipeline to sell to florists to use in floral arrangements 🙂

I’ve been number 1 in the NZGirl top 5 of the week, have had products sold through August Boutique and Twinkle Twinkle little star stores as well as my Wolf Cowl hoods in a little store in Puhoi. Growing the business and seeing bubba’s in my work is my ultimate goals and such a blessing! I love it when customers send me pics of their babies wearing my stuff. So awesome.

I do some custom work too which i put up from time to time on the page and have had some of the custom orders turn into regular products, they’ve been so popular.

I was sent this recent promotional advertisement for the collaboration of Classic Cool and Veronica-Jean photography. I personally think it is a lovely idea, I love keepsakes!

Ve ronica-Jean Photography and Classic Cool

Veronica-Jean Photography and Classic Cool


Some of her other products

Cowl Hoods
There are four available. A plain one, a fox, a wolf and a bear. Bear is available in brown or black. Children’s sizing are $30 each and adults $40 each. 


Mr Fox Available in 12-18 months, toddler (2-4yrs), child (approx 6-10yrs) $30 Child (approx 6-10yrs) $35 and Adult/Teen $40

Hats are made in either white or pink or can be made in white merino for an extra cost. Each hat comes with three flowers in the colours of your choice. Extra flowers are available to buy. A hat plus three flowers is $20. Comes fully gift boxed ready to give away or a great place to keep the hat once bubs has grown out of it.


Pink hat – 0-3 months White hat with black flower – 3-6 months White hat with red flower – 6-12 months $20 a hat and comes with 3 flowers in colours of your choice

If you wish to check out Monique’s work or place an order, check out her Facebook page

I think it is amazing the things she has created. Plus, how cute are the mermaid and shark tails for kids.



NB- All photos are from Classic Cool Facebook Page and I have copied them with permission.