My Mini Loves

After writing about Classic Cool it got me thinking, I thought it would be a good idea to get in touch with some other businesses. I enjoy looking on the internet for cool and creative ideas and clothes for kids and families and I found My Mini Loves.

Jaime is the owner and operator, she lives in Auckland with her two sons and a baby girl.

Her website features, handpicked décor, toys, and accessories which have been sourced from around the world and are all handmade.

When looking on her site and looking through the different categories I found lots of lovely things, these are just a few of my favourites.


Little Moppets Design- Crochet Pear $32

Little Moppets Design- Crochet Pear $32

Little Moppets Design- Crochet Apple $19

Little Moppets Design- Crochet Apple $19






Fawn Over Baby- Black Chalkboard Wooden Camera $38

Fawn Over Baby- Black Chalkboard Wooden Camera $38

Rachel Rainbow- Pink and Yellow Geometric Cube Necklace $28

Rachel Rainbow- Pink and Yellow Geometric Cube Necklace $28

Blue Tassel Necklace $19

Blue Tassel Necklace $19


I asked Jaime a few questions via email, her replies are in italics

When and why did you start My Mini Loves

I started My Mini Loves in April this year, after I had been decorating my children’s bedrooms. I really enjoyed finding different little decor items and toys for them that weren’t mass produced. I was also looking for a sort of hobby or interest, something I could spend a bit of time on that wasn’t just being a mum. I have really loved learning my way through starting my little business, completely different from what I did before the kids, working as a midwife.

I see some items are sourced from around the world – Do you make anything yourself?

I do! I make the bow hair clips and headbands. I started making them when my daughter was a few months old for her to wear. Then some of my friends wanted some made for their daughters, then friends of friends, so I decided to sell them. It wasn’t long after that I opened My Mini Loves and so was able to sell them on there. I am now phasing out the bows off my website though, as I am finding myself to busy to continue making them.

Do you have any personal favourites? And what are they?

I have to say, I really love most of the stuff I stock, and I struggle not to keep one of everything. I particularly love the Essi & Co cushions and the hand made dolls I currently have from RovingOvine. Im a sucker for anything handmade. I just wish I was a bit more creative myself!

What are your future plans for My Mini Loves?

I haven’t really thought to much about the future of My Mini Loves. For now I am really happy with the size, as it works well for me juggling my 3 kids and the business. I may start attending a few markets in time, as my 1 year old daughter gets a little older. But for now, I am really happy going at the pace as it is.


And a few more things I liked from her website

Tulip bow clip $5.50

Tulip bow clip $5.50

Ice cream lamp $22

Ice cream lamp $22

Iris bow clip $5.50

Iris bow clip $5.50


Thanks to Jaime for letting me write about her business My Mini Loves. You can also find My Mini Loves on Facebook

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NB: all photos used with permission



Being the Mum I want to be

We all have those nights where we are tired but can’t seem to fall asleep, right? But it’s been quite a few nights this week, in between the coughing, the blocked nose and my thoughts, ahhhhhh!
I’ve been incredibly thoughtful lately, but the other night was definitely an exception. In my attempt to off load my thoughts into my notebook, I found myself thinking more and more. I often find I will think of an idea to blog about right on bedtime,  I usually write things down and I’m done.

imageThis quote popped up on my Facebook recently and it got me thinking about the the kind of Mum I want to be, and my relationship with my Mum. We’ve had our moments when I was growing up when we didn’t get on, but now we are in a great place. I think living on the opposite side of world has helped, I don’t think we take each other for granted. Now I’m a Mum myself I understand a lot more of why my Mum thinks the way she does. When I think back, I remember all the good times with my Mum, more than the bad. I have always felt loved and know she has done the best for me, even when I couldn’t see it at the time.

I also found myself thinking about something someone said to me the other week when I was caught up in the fog. I know that I was not in a good place and I wasn’t able to think about things rationally and I understand it was not meant to upset me, but it did. I found it has played on my mind and I needed to write this blog to unload. I don’t know about you but I know that I’m a highly sensitive person and I can take things the wrong way. I’m terrible for subconsciously beating myself up if I’m having a bad day. I often describe myself as a ‘Bad Mum’, and think to myself, ‘It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I should want to play with my kids’ and ‘Shouldn’t I be happy I have two beautiful children?’  Yes I know I am not a ‘Bad Mum’, but just lately I haven’t felt I have been a good enough Mum.

I know my kids will not be babies, toddlers or preschoolers for ever, but I don’t want to ‘force’ myself to play with them. In just under two years Little Miss will be at school (gulp), but she will be a different girl by then. I’m sure she will excited to share with me all the new skills she is learning at school. I also find as she is getting older there are different ways I can spend time with her. Such as shopping dates, movie dates, going for lunch and helping her with craft activities. I know one day she will have friends that she will want to play and spend time with, but I’m her Mum. I’m sure we will still have quality time together. Of course it won’t be the same as the things we do together now, but as I will watch her grow we have lots of Mum/Daughter time to look forward too.

image image imageThis of course applies to Mr Happy too. He is currently 16 months old but they grow quickly. It will be a little while yet until he will be school age. I know I have so much to watch him experience and seeing him reach his milestones is just as exciting as when Little Miss reached hers. Plus seeing him doing things in his own way and his personality developing all the time makes my heart swell.

I’m going to try not to give myself a hard time, my children are loved, happy and most importantly healthy. So what I don’t always want to play with them, but I am here. Plus I see it is as a good thing if they learn to play on their own. Isn’t that how imagination develops and builds social skills? I think it is rather healthy to enjoy time on your own and feel comfortable with your own company. I remember going to friends houses after school and having friends over. I would always enjoy spending time with my friends. But I reckon it’s always nice to go home to Mum and Dad.

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Seeing clearly through the fog

Ahhhh the sun is shining again today, and I’m smiling. The fog is definitely clearing, I can now see through it, I can see through the darkness. Each morning this week I have wanted to get out of a bed, its such a nice feeling compared to the past few weeks.

I even ventured out to town at the beginning of the week and did some jobs and a bit of shopping I needed to do. Whilst I was browsing in a shop did see someone I knew. I’ll admit it, I hid. I didn’t want anyone to see me or talk to me. It has been easy for me to put my thoughts and feelings into words but saying them aloud is not always the same. I was quite happy just looking around and wanted to be left alone with my own thoughts. I found it quite a challenge talking to the sales assistants when buying things, but it had to be done. When I got home, I felt relieved, I was home, I had survived and I had done the jobs I needed to do.

I caught up with my GP this week, we had a good chat. I shed a few tears when he brought up a particular issue and we both decided to keep me on the increased dosage of my antidepressants for now. After leaving the Doctor’s I went to visit a friend. She is someone I haven’t spent a lot of time with, but it was just what I needed. Someone else who knew how I had been feeling. That is the one of the big positives I have gotten from my recent experience living with the fog, I have made connections with a few new people via blogs and locally. Being honest and sharing my journey has definitely paid off. Hopefully here’s the start to some new friendships.


Little Miss


Playing Duplo with Little Miss

As the week has progressed I feel I have become stronger and even enjoyed doing some household tasks. I had plans to cook tea for us one night, but I knew I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do so. I told my hubby I was feeling overwhelmed and thankfully, he got it. He stepped up and prepared us a meal. He is awesome!

One of the best things about the clearing fog is being able to enjoy Little Miss and Mr Happy again. I feel I have been able to rebuild my relationship with them and just having more patience to listen to Little Miss talk non-stop, makes me smile. As well as seeing what a cool little boy Mr Happy is becoming.


Mr Happy before haircut


Mr Happy before haircut

I spent one day this week with Mr Happy at home, we had a good day. I even took him for his first haircut. I had been putting it off, I just didn’t feels ready to cut my baby’s hair. But he isn’t so much a baby anymore, he’s 16 months old. He did really well, he sat on my knee for half an hour. He moved his head every now and again to check out what the hairdresser was doing, but no tears or tantrums, victory! I feel he needed more hair cut off, but after half an hour he had enough. The IPad was very good for distracting him, and of course I took him a treat. I just can’t believe how much hair he still has!


Post haircut


Post haircut

I also successfully took Little Miss and Mr Happy to music group, which was really good since we didn’t make it last week. Little Miss got to see one of her friends and Mr Happy cruised around the whole time. I also find it a bit of break, I get to socialise with other adults, the kids get to play with others and they provide yummy morning tea!

I am returning to work on Sunday morning and I feel ready. My work mates are lovely and supportive so I know I’ll be fine. Plus I know I am feeling brighter because I don’t want to hide away anymore, I want to see people and be me, Stacey.

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The Longest Ride

You know that moment when you have just finished a book and you feel happy because you have finished it?

Oh what can I read next? You ask yourself. You can feel the excitement browsing through the library website or your kindle wish list. But I don’t want to read anything else, I was really enjoying that book and now it’s ended 😪😪😪😪

These thoughts did cross my mind when I finished reading The Best of Me, but now I have finished The Longest Ride I am definitely experiencing those thoughts. What am I going to read? I feel totally lost now I am not reading the stories of Ira, Sophia and Luke.

The Longest Ride is another Nicholas Sparks book, his 17th novel. I haven’t read a lot of his books but I think it would have to be my favourite so far. I thought it would take a lot to beat The Notebook, but to me this one does.

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I knew there was a film version coming out so I was keen to read the book first. The book tells the stories of three characters and how their lives are entwined. There is Ira Levinson, a 91 year old widower who is trapped after crashing his car. While he waits to be rescued, he sees his wife Ruth at different stages of their life together and they share the tales of how they met, his time in the war and building their art collection.

Sophia Danko is another character in the book. She is a student at College and meets Luke Collins, a cowboy, bull-rider. Their story is how they meet, how their relationship develops and things they learn about one another. (Of course I don’t want to share too much, in case you want to read it yourself).

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I was a little skeptical about reading a book that featured a cowboy and bull-riding, I was half worried I would find it boring! But I could not be more wrong. Sure the book, discusses life on a ranch and bull-riding but it was all interesting and part of the story. It was a great book to be reading during my recent hospital visit, easy reading and quite a page turner. I even found myself saying  “Just one more chapter and then I’ll have a nap”, that chapter than turned into two!

I’m looking forward to seeing the movie, but after watching the trailer, I can see it is going to be quite different to the book. As most of us know the film version of books can vary. I usually find when I’m prepared for this I usually enjoy watching the big screen adaptation. Scott Eastwood portrays Luke and Britt Robertson plays Sophia. With Jack Huston as young Ira and Alan Alda as older Ira.


So, what book am I going to read next? Well a few months ago I started Gone Girl (yes another book made into a film) I wasn’t in the right head space for it then. I have picked it up again and I’m enjoying it so far. I have heard good things about the book and the film.

If anyone has any book suggestions, please share I would love to know what others are reading.

(Plus, if I could I would dance around because I figured out how to post Youtube videos to my post!)

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Book Review ‘Yes Please’

57e03c50dc59dc0a159e73136d34717e37e03336c5c8adbcd665a50051d08455Some of you may or may not know this, but I’m quite a fan of Amy Poehler. I mean what’s not to like about her? She’s funny and a strong female. Plus I love the characters she played in Mean Girls and Baby Mama (yes I’m a fan of those movies, and I’m not ashamed to admit it).

A good friend told me about the app Borrow Box. Its an app I downloaded and links into your library account and she mentioned that Yes Please was on there to loan. I got the app through ITunes but its also available on Android. Great, a library book and I don’t have to leave the house to get it! The selection isn’t huge, but its worth checking it out.

I discovered Amy Poehler had her own book and I thought it would be worth a read. I haven’t read many autobiographies but when I find ones by people I find interesting I enjoy reading about their life so far. Since I grew up in England, I was always a fan of Ant and Dec, (aka PJ and Duncan for some of you that may of heard of them?) I read their book about 4-5 years ago, and for Christmas 2011 I received a copy of James Corden’s autobiography (Smithy from Gavin and Stacey). Both of these books made me laugh out loud at times and I expected the same from Yes Please.


It took me a couple of weeks to read the book, as I tend to do most of my reading at bedtime. The chapters were pretty short so I found I could read quite a bit, plus its fun reading about someone’s life. Amongst the chapters were her childhood in Boston, her career at Saturday Night Live (SNL), her part on Parks and Recreation, becoming a mother, friendships and some real life advice. It wasn’t as laugh as loud as I thought it would be but it was a genuinely honest account of her life so far and I want to say “Amy, thank you for sharing”.


One of my favourite parts in the book was when she shared a conversation she had with her boy Archie. He once asked me, “Are you sad that you don’t have a penis?” I told him that I was happy with the parts that I had. I then reminded him that girls have vaginas and everyone is different and each body is like a snowflake”. I thought it was a really good way to explain gender differences to a child since it has been noted that no two snowflakes are alike.

Amy wrote a chapter on her visit to Haiti in 2013, which I thought was interesting and a brief insight to the devastation experienced there. It is in a chapter towards the end of the book.  I remember this event being on the news, but I don’t remember ever hearing some of the personal stories from people who went there to help out. It’s pretty eye opening.

I highly recommend this book, it doesn’t have the ‘laugh out loud’ moments I was expecting but it is definitely a great read. It’s a honest account on her life and how she has gotten where she is today. Amy is very much into empowering women and girls and she co-founded Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, check it out.



3 going on 13

“Go away Mummy, I don’t want to talk to you.” I have had this said to me a few times recently. It is usually after I have asked Little Miss not to do something or explain, (for what feels like for the 100th time) why she shouldn’t jump off the couch. Little Miss will then repeat phrase until she gets a response from me. I try my hardest to ignore it but inside it hurts. Does she really mean this? The rational part of my brain is saying of course she doesn’t, she is only 3 and she is just frustrated but the emotional side of my brain says maybe she does mean this, is my 3 year old almost 13?!

I can’t believe it my beautiful girl, has turned into a threenager! I didn’t see it coming and I didn’t even know the word exsisted, but it does. So I googled it, (since everything is googled these days) and there was so much to look at! Looked on Pinterest, surely there won’t be anything on there about a threeanger (I thought to myself!), but there was! Lots of quotes, like this one.IMG_0454

When I went searching on the internet it made me realise a lot of her recent behaviour could be due to her turning 3. Take the fussiness with food for example, trying to get her to try anything new is painful, her list of don’t likes is longer than her likes. I keep reminding myself it’s just a phase, she’ll eat when she’s hungry. I still offer the things she claims she doesn’t like, I figure if I don’t I’m letting her win? I’m aware to help her through this stage of her life it is important she is given independence but when it comes to food I still need to offer her fruit and vegetables. I like to give her a bit of choice in food decisions, what would she like on her toast? Which plate would she like her lunch on?

I found an interesting article on Kidspot about threenagers. A three year old believes that they are the centre of the universe and will assert their independence any way they know how. If that doesn’t happen cue a tantrum! Plus a display of attitude, much like what I have recently heard…….

  • As much as we can stay calm (ha!) as these little people know which button to push.
  • We should pick our battles, do we really care if they complain they are hungry? and then when we give them food they declare I’m not hungry anymore Mummy! Ahhhhhhhh!
  • Be realistic they will get tired and cranky, (I know I do!) my Little Miss doesn’t often have a daytime sleep these days, but I do insist after lunch when Mr Happy has his nap, she should have some quiet time. Which she does as I know I need a break myself at this time of day.
  • Try to maintain our sense of humour, after all it is pretty funny when I have witnessed pants being put on her head. After all isn’t laughter the best medicine?

Now I have a three year old in my house it is actually pretty cool. I can have a converstation with her, do ‘crafty’ things and I know there is lots to look forward too before her next birthday. I came across 3 things to love about a 3 year old it definitely will come in handy when it’s one of those days…….

These are the things I remember most about this age

  • Watching her imagination grow is great, I enjoy her purple spaghetti that she makes in her kitchen for me
  • Her enthusiasm can be infectious as times. She gets so excited about joining me on a trip to the supermarket and helping with little jobs around the house.
  • The development of her empathy and sense of humour  is lovely. We have been told by carers at her daycare that she is a caring girl and loves to laugh. (Proud Mum moment)
  • Her love and affection for her younger brother Mr Happy. She’s really beginning to enjoy playing with him, showing him how to do things and singing the ABC song over and over again. Plus he is lucky, she even shares her toast with him.
  • But most importantly I can now share with her the story of Alex her big brother that isn’t here. She associates him with the stars in the sky and each night she looks for a star and waves to him. It is really special for me to see her beginning to grasp the concept of having a brother who isn’t here. I have told her more, but the age she is she’s not yet able to fully understand.  I think I will need to continue this in another blog another time.

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