An unexpected Hospital stay

I went to bed as usual on Thursday night, feeling fine but tired after a few busy days working.

I woke just after one in the morning with a mild tummy ache, “I’ll just go back to sleep” I thought to myself. I woke again at four, tummy ache still there, but I also needed to use the toilet, “it’s probably just that”. Upon returning back to bed, the pain. was. WORSE! I put up with it for several hours until I told the hubby “I think I might need to go to hospital”. Luckily the in-laws were able to come to our house to stay with the kids.

Upon getting to hospital, I was quickly seen. A kind nurse took pity on me trying to sit comfortably in a waiting room chair. I got my own private room in ED. It was a relief to be able to lie down again. If I kept really still the pain wasn’t as bad.

I had an IV cannula inserted, bloods taken, seen by a couple of doctors that suspected it was Appendicitis, crikey! I had half expected them to tell I had a bad tummy ache and to harden up and go home. Looking back the day went really quickly, I was feeling pretty shell shocked that I was going to need surgery, HOLY CRAP! I had a general anaesthetic when I was 8, was it wasn’t SURGERY!

image image image

The staff at the hospital were great, explaining everything and I had a few of them recognise me from working there, so I definitely felt well looked after. I had a lovely nurse with me before I went to sleep and she was there when I woke up.

I have studied and looked after patients that have had an anaesthetic but nothing really prepares you for having one yourself. The pain from the gas they use to inflate the abdomen is TERRIBLE! Actually hurts more than the incision sites. I experienced quite a bit of pain in my right shoulder the day after the surgery, a heat pack was the best thing for it.

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In total I had two days and two nights in hospital, I chose to stay an extra night as I knew once I got home it would be harder to rest with Little Miss and Mr Happy around. Plus I think it was good for me not to rush home, and I enjoyed catching up on reading my book. My hubby has been brilliant, I’m a lucky lady! The poor guy is stuck doing EVERYTHING at the moment, he never complains though.

I’m home now resting up. And I am being a good patient and doing nothing! I HATE it, not used to sitting around, but of course it does have some advantages! Off work for a few weeks, then back to light duties? Hmmmm, I’m sure my nursing friends are thinking ‘light duties on the ward?’ Good luck with that! I’ll just have to see how I go. I am feeling pretty sore, so, so tired and I hardly have an appetite. When I do want to eat I only want savoury things. My sweet tooth has disappeared. I’m expecting it to make an appearance again when I am 100%.


Visited by Little Miss x


Resting up with Mr Happy x

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