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I found out about Soap box thanks to my lovely friend Instagram! Oh how I love Instagram…….

Soap Box are pretty new and only just launched (in October) and they are based in Invercargill (South Island of New Zealand, for those of you that don’t know). Mel and Kim are the lovelies behind Soap Box.

When I checked out their Facebook page I was pretty impressed by the range of products they had a valuable and not just for adults but their are a couple of things available for kids. And instantly placed an order. This is what I got:


Coconut Ice soap $5, Coconut and Lime sugar scrub and mini Sugar soap $8 (5 in a pack).

They replied really quick to my order and I received my goodies in a matter of days. I have only tried the Sugar soap scrub so far, I’m obsessed with coconut smelling stuff (so I had to order something with coconut in!). The other choice with Coconut was Mango and Coconut but I decided to try the one with Lime in first. One of the things I like most about is it is that it comes with a small wooden spoon, to assist you getting the scrub out of the bottle. I don’t use it each time I have a shower, its my weekly treat! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smells amazing!!! They can be used on the face as well as the body and it great as an exfoliate, bonus!! I’ve yet to use the small sugar scrubs, but I’m guessing they will be a one time use. And the soap was a nice extra with my order, thanks Soap Box ladies!


250ml bottle $10


On the side is a $2 off next purchase if you return the bottle


I messaged Mel and Kim some questions (their answers are in italics)
Can you introduce yourselves? Who are lovelies behind Soap Box?

I am Mel and my partner in crime is my friend Kim.

Kim is a graphic designer by trade and also runs another business called Willow Boutique – printed children’s clothing and is the mother to a two year old small tornado.

Mel is the administrator for the Southland SPCA and I have an 8 going on 18 year old

How did you come up with the name Soap Box?

Haha that was Facebook messenger brainstorming between Kim and I; my partner ended up coming up with it after listening to all our terrible suggestions! 

I understand Soap Box has only just begun, with the launch on the website. How long have you been working on the business?

We are very new – our first launch was at a craft show at the start of October! We have been playing and experimenting for the previous 3 months using friends and family as test subjects to ensure we were happy with what we were making. 

Do you make everything yourselves? Did you have any training?

Everything is handmade. Kim deals with the soaps (she has a major soap addiction, this is how we started) and I make the body products. Kim went away and did a soap-making course in Auckland and spent many a hour on you tube watching and experimenting via soap making tutorials. I have had no training – I have found this very similar to cooking and baking which I enjoy doing. I have experimented via Pinterest and You Tube too and watched how other people make things.  

Other than your website and Facebook where else can Soap Box goodies be purchased? Or is that currently work in progress?

We started with the idea that we would stick with markets in Southland (where we are based) but Facebook and our website have gone crazy! We are currently organising doing a “Soap Box” party once a month at a person’s house and letting people try out our products. Everything else is up in the air at present!

What do you hope is in the future for Soap Box?

When we dream big (that is how we usually do it) we are hoping we can give up our day jobs and open a Soap Box shop and build a small empire – haha! 

Do you have any favourites? If so what are they?

Kim is soap crazy – at the moment she is in love with Manuka honey soap (fair enough, it smells amazing!). I love our new sugar whip – soon to be released. And I LOVE our new base scent, Lemon and Vanilla. We both love the body butters – they are fantastic on the skin and seem to work on all skin types. We are very biased and do love all our products, why sell something if you don’t love it?

Is there anything else you would like to add?
The main reason we decided to start this was the fact everything is full of chemicals! We are both parents and we wanted to be able to use products on our children that wouldn’t be harmful but still keep them clean.

Gift Pack $20, 2pack of bombs, sugar soaps, loofa, and vanilla ice cream soap

Gift Pack $20, 2pack of bombs, sugar soaps, loofa, and vanilla ice cream soap

Chocolate and Peppermint $10

Chocolate and Peppermint $10

Lemongrass Soap $6

Lemongrass Soap $6

There are also some great for kids, I’m definitely tempted to get a few things for Christmas presents and I think they would also be good for children’s birthdays.

Sugar Scrubs: Coconut & Lime, Sweet Orange & Vanilla, Strawberry & Lemon, Mango & Coconut and Peppermint & Chocolate

There are lots of things to see and buy, I will definitely be ordering again

Chocolate Fish soap $5

Chocolate Fish soap $5

Allsorts soaps Liquorice scent $5

Allsorts soaps Liquorice scent $5

Soapsicle Traffic Light - Fruity scent $6

Soapsicle Traffic Light – Fruity scent $6


Check out their Facebook page, lots of Soapy goodness to check out!

Soap Box website


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NB: Photos used from Soap Box Facebook page with permission