New Beginnings

At Katikati January 2016

Katikati January 2016


Eek!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!

Have I done the right thing?

What if no one likes me?

What if I don’t like it there?

All these thoughts are floating around and around in my brain today, because tomorrow morning I start my new job! I haven’t just moved wards, I have left one hospital and will be starting work at another one. The more and more I think about waking up tomorrow morning and heading off for my first day at my new place of work. I can feel that unsettled feeling in my tummy!

(For those of you that don’t know me or haven’t read my blog before, I am a Registered Nurse and have been since 2009. In this time I have only worked at one hospital. I did move from one ward to another during my time there). So starting at another hospital is a HUGE deal to me.

When I applied for the job at the end of November last year, I never expected to get the job. After all, I was happy with the job I had, why would I want to change? I have always thought a change is important and when I saw the opportunity come up I knew if I didn’t apply I would only regret it. When I told my hubby I was applying for another job, he simply asked ‘Why’? He knew I liked my job and I love nursing so why was I applying for a new job. I explained that these opportunities don’t come along often, plus if I didn’t get the position it wouldn’t matter because I was still doing a job I enjoyed.

The morning of the interview I was pretty nervous, I hadn’t been to an interview since 2008! I went, it lasted about 45 minutes and then I went home. I left the interview, thinking I did want the job but also prepared myself to not get it, as I wasn’t expecting too.

Less than a week later, I received THE phone call. I missed the call so I had to return the call and expected to hear the “I’m sorry…..” speech, BUT, I was told I had the job! OMG, I wanted to a ‘Happy Dance’ but resisted as I still wanted my future emplyer to think I was professional (which I am of course!). This was the week before Christmas and I wouldn’t be starting until the end of February, so I had to keep a lid on my exciting news……

And now here we are the day before I start. Geez I’m freaked out, what if they realise they have made a mistake hiring me?

Will I like this job as much as I liked my other one?

I’m sure I will be fine and worrying about nothing.

A brief note to my work colleagues I have said goodbye too,

Sorry to those I didn’t get to say goodbye to properly, I hate goodbyes, they turn me in to a blubbering mess (my own doing, moving across the other side of the world from my family and dear friends will do that to you!). I thank each and every one of you for being a great people and making my time working with you so enjoyable, I have learnt so much and made a lot of new friends. Us Nurses Rock!

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