Project Dollhouse: Part Two

Project Dollhouse: Part Two

Following on from my first blog post Project Dollhouse: Part One I thought I would share how I have been ‘doing up’ the four rooms in the Dollhouse.

I started with Perfume in the top left room and I decided to paint two of the walls in these colour and leave a wall white to cover in scrapbook paper. I then painted another room in Wham and a third room in Sugar and Spice. Painting just two of the walls and leaving the third wall blank for some scrapbook paper. I was tempted to go back to Resene and get another test pot to paint the fourth room but I decided against it. The rooms were already looking pretty colourful and busy and I thought another colour would be too much. Yes, I know its already a bit much huh? But, it is for a soon to be four year old.

I settled on painting the fourth room Perfume. I felt it broke up the pink, plus I wasn’t overly happy with the green of Wham. (I have since decided I rather like the green and it gets Little Miss’s seal of approval). I did two coats of each colour which I think looks fine.


Halfway through painting the rooms

I was lucky enough to be gifted some AWESOME items from Emma of Luluncat, she has made and put together cute packs for dollhouses. Litle Miss has seen the items already and she was as just as excited as I was about them. I love seeing what people can create.


Playing around with the cute decor items.

I have been getting quite a bit of inspiration for my doll house from Pinterest, geez I love Pinterest, so many cool ideas……

I found some great ideas for things to include in the dolls house that I hadn’t thought about, including a pin “How to Hang Doll House Curtains”. I’m not a very good sewer and I don’t have a sewing machine so this seemed a perfect idea for me to add curtains into the house.


seven thirty three ‘How to Hang Doll House Curtains’

I started my own Project: Doll House board on Pinterest if you wanted to check it out. It might give you some ideas if you are thinking of doing a similar project. I can waste lots of time checking out what other people have created.


I have purchased some cute Hello Kitty material that I know Little Miss will love. My plan is to make curtains for each of the rooms and then perhaps some cushions, I will see how I go with the curtains first! There was a lot of Hello Kitty material to chose from, but I settled for this one mainly due to it being on sale, haha and it was good to have something else that wasn’t pink! (I also found this letter ‘A’ amongst my stash of stuff and I have had some thoughts of incorperating this into the house). I think the material will look really good against the colours I have chosen to paint the walls.

13223424_10156905055280721_1118333497_o - Copy

Cute material

After the two coats of paint I raided my scrapbook paper stash and started looking at what would compliment each room. I also tried to pick papers that I knew Little Miss would love, the brighter and more colourful the better I thought. I’m really pleased with how the house is looking, but still a little more to do.

Here’s a few photos of a couple of the rooms






Hopefully next time I will be able to share how I got on with the curtains and I’ll share some photos of the rooms. Until next time…….

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3 going on 13

“Go away Mummy, I don’t want to talk to you.” I have had this said to me a few times recently. It is usually after I have asked Little Miss not to do something or explain, (for what feels like for the 100th time) why she shouldn’t jump off the couch. Little Miss will then repeat phrase until she gets a response from me. I try my hardest to ignore it but inside it hurts. Does she really mean this? The rational part of my brain is saying of course she doesn’t, she is only 3 and she is just frustrated but the emotional side of my brain says maybe she does mean this, is my 3 year old almost 13?!

I can’t believe it my beautiful girl, has turned into a threenager! I didn’t see it coming and I didn’t even know the word exsisted, but it does. So I googled it, (since everything is googled these days) and there was so much to look at! Looked on Pinterest, surely there won’t be anything on there about a threeanger (I thought to myself!), but there was! Lots of quotes, like this one.IMG_0454

When I went searching on the internet it made me realise a lot of her recent behaviour could be due to her turning 3. Take the fussiness with food for example, trying to get her to try anything new is painful, her list of don’t likes is longer than her likes. I keep reminding myself it’s just a phase, she’ll eat when she’s hungry. I still offer the things she claims she doesn’t like, I figure if I don’t I’m letting her win? I’m aware to help her through this stage of her life it is important she is given independence but when it comes to food I still need to offer her fruit and vegetables. I like to give her a bit of choice in food decisions, what would she like on her toast? Which plate would she like her lunch on?

I found an interesting article on Kidspot about threenagers. A three year old believes that they are the centre of the universe and will assert their independence any way they know how. If that doesn’t happen cue a tantrum! Plus a display of attitude, much like what I have recently heard…….

  • As much as we can stay calm (ha!) as these little people know which button to push.
  • We should pick our battles, do we really care if they complain they are hungry? and then when we give them food they declare I’m not hungry anymore Mummy! Ahhhhhhhh!
  • Be realistic they will get tired and cranky, (I know I do!) my Little Miss doesn’t often have a daytime sleep these days, but I do insist after lunch when Mr Happy has his nap, she should have some quiet time. Which she does as I know I need a break myself at this time of day.
  • Try to maintain our sense of humour, after all it is pretty funny when I have witnessed pants being put on her head. After all isn’t laughter the best medicine?

Now I have a three year old in my house it is actually pretty cool. I can have a converstation with her, do ‘crafty’ things and I know there is lots to look forward too before her next birthday. I came across 3 things to love about a 3 year old it definitely will come in handy when it’s one of those days…….

These are the things I remember most about this age

  • Watching her imagination grow is great, I enjoy her purple spaghetti that she makes in her kitchen for me
  • Her enthusiasm can be infectious as times. She gets so excited about joining me on a trip to the supermarket and helping with little jobs around the house.
  • The development of her empathy and sense of humour  is lovely. We have been told by carers at her daycare that she is a caring girl and loves to laugh. (Proud Mum moment)
  • Her love and affection for her younger brother Mr Happy. She’s really beginning to enjoy playing with him, showing him how to do things and singing the ABC song over and over again. Plus he is lucky, she even shares her toast with him.
  • But most importantly I can now share with her the story of Alex her big brother that isn’t here. She associates him with the stars in the sky and each night she looks for a star and waves to him. It is really special for me to see her beginning to grasp the concept of having a brother who isn’t here. I have told her more, but the age she is she’s not yet able to fully understand.  I think I will need to continue this in another blog another time.

11749265_10155812956770721_1327954857_n 11749773_10155812957255721_138231878_n 11756428_10155812958355721_2020264954_n11720548_10155812959675721_49594211_n


My time

Last week I was lucky enough to have a day to myself. I knew just what I wanted to do, scrapbook! This is definitely one of the things I really enjoy, it helps me to relax and I find it really therapeutic and a good use of my ‘me’ time.

I’m sure we can all agree time to yourself can be hard to come by, whether you are busy with work, looking after your kid/s or you just need some time out to refocus. I know at times I’m not very good at making time for myself, so I’m trying to make an effort to arrange a day every now and again. I’m happier when I feel I have had time to myself to do something I enjoy. This usually means kids and husband are happier, since they don’t have a grumpy Mum/wife who is becoming overwhelmed with everyday tasks and the crazy nonsense in her head. (Yes this is me!).

I named my blog Craftyorganisedme, so its about time I shared some of crafty stuff.

There is a fab shop in New Plymouth called Craft Haven which I like to visit on a regular basis for my craft supplies. (Plus if I cant get into the shop they have a website!). When I am there I am able to spend many hours using their craft equipment with minimal distractions, bliss! Deb and Bronwyn are the owners of this great store and I always feel more like  friend than a customer when I am there.

11713512_10155793427770721_1907079632_n 11721130_10155793427370721_125745221_n


Mr Happy Aril 2015


Little Miss April 2015

I’m pretty pleased with what I accomplished last week. These are 12×12 layouts and I found the inspiration for them on Pinterest, I find most of the my craft ideas on there.

I don’t really get to show anyone what I do when I’m at the craft shop. I often ask myself “is anybody actually interested? I guess this was one of the reasons why I thought I would start blogging. I feel I can share some of the things I create and who knows whoever is reading this might actually like seeing what I achieve when I am having some much needed time to myself.


Love to colour

 Who doesn’t love to colour? I used to love to colour when I was a kid, a new colouring book and some felt tips were always a great present and I know my 3 year old Little Miss enjoys colouring. She was lucky enough to aquire some new books and pens for her recent birthday. Even now I’m an adult I enjoy sitting with Little Miss and doing some colouring with her. I always find it a good chance to connect with her at her level and have a catch up, as well as teach her colours and shapes. 


Recently I have seen quite a bit of information about adult colouring books on social media and I also found a couple of articles which I found of interest. There is evidence that colouring can alleviate stress in adults and also depression. Having depression myself I found it interesting and intriguing. “Colouring can calm the mind and occupies the hands, giving the individual something to do as well as alleviating any negative thoughts”. I also thought it was fascinating that individuals who enjoy creative activities are able to deal with stress better. I love to craft, but of course being Mum to two little ones, working part-time and home-life responsibilities, I don’t always have the opportunity to escape and indulge in craft time. My scrapbooking is something I can really enjoy when I have time to myself. I have actually ordered myself a colouring book, Anti-Stress Colouring: doodle & dream by Christina Rose. I’m looking to doing some of my own colouring, I looked at the sample pages online and they look great. I hope the colouring is something I can do whilst I’m at home, for me and maybe at times alongside Little Miss when she feels like colouring.

When I searched for adult colouring books, a great article by the New Zealand Herald came up from April 2015. Adult colouring books are currently the top selling books on Amazon and in the UK 5 different adult colouring books are In the top 10 books. Johanna Basford’s adult colouring books, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest are hugely popular and are good at easing stress and ‘calming one’s inner child’. A quote from the NZ Herald I thought was engaging is “colouring is all about regaining mindfulness and getting a digital detox”. I’m aware that Mindfulness is a therapy used in the treatment of depression, but I’ll save the discussion about that for a blog post another time.

  Whilst looking for photos for this blog post, (usually I find everything on Pinterest, another love of mine)! I searched adult colouring books and loads of pins of black/white pages appeared. All printable, ready to be coloured in. There were also some great quotable colouring pages, which would be ideal for adults or kids to colour and could be used to decorate bedrooms, playrooms or for my teacher friends, classrooms.


Love this one, this was one of the many downloadable prints I found on Pinterest. Are any of you keen to get yourself a colouring book?