Lumps and Bumps

I saw this article this morning and I wanted to share. I think these women are awesome and the more I read the article and look at the photos, I just admire them. If someone approached me to stand with my kids in my underwear and photograph us I would actually do it. If the right opportunity came up. Don’t worry this blog post does not contain any photos of me in my underwear!

I’m sure most of us who are mothers to living and angel babies, have our issues with our bodies. I know I do. Since returning to work at the end of April I have had lots of lovely comments from work colleagues and a few friends on commenting of how good I look. Sure I feel good, the clothes I want to wear fit me, I’m pretty lucky but I constantly worry that someone is going to ask me when my next baby is due!

I am not a fan of my belly, there I said it. I’m sure some of you who are reading this and see me on a regular basis are thinking what the hell?! There is nothing wrong with her belly! And if you are thinking this, thank you! And I love you! Depending how I’m feeling on a particular day I get really self conscious about my belly and I prefer to wear tops that I feel don’t ‘cling’ to the belly area. I’m not one to commit to a gym memebership and if I’m honest I’m pretty lazy when it comes to exercise. I try to get to yoga once a week but this doesn’t always happen. I like to get out for walks but I definitely don’t do any work on my abdominal area. I sometimes think it’s my fault my post baby belly is the way it is, but perhaps it’s just my shape. I saw this great quote by Jennifer Garner which I thought summed up how I feel and how some of you might feel. Of course the children’s names are different.

I think this quote is great, and I will have to remember it if anyone does ever comment on my belly.

A woman’s post baby body is beautiful, it tells a story. After all we all have a story to tell regarding our pregnancy or pregnancies, our labours and births. They are all different. I know I am truly blessed to have the children I have and I do try to tell myself this when I’m looking in the mirror.